World’s First Smartcard protected Hardware-based Disk Encryption Device from ST Electronics 04 April 2008

This AES-encrypted device is designed to allow compliance with various international regulations including the GLB Act

San Francisco, US, 04 April 2008 – ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited is showcasing the world’s first encrypting hard drive enclosure with smartcard protection, the DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile DCM200 at RSA Conference 2008 (7 – 11 April 2008).

This Full Disk Encryption (FDE) product combines hardware encryption with smartcard-based 2-factor protection. Despite its comprehensive encryption features, the device is easy to use. It is immediately operable once plugged into the workstation. The device is completely Operating System independent and does not require the installation of any software, thus doing away with the hassle of software upgrades and the worry of Trojan viruses.

A DCM200 user simply needs to insert a smartcard and then enter a PIN on the device’s keypad before access to the hard drive is allowed. Authenticating on the keypad rather than the PC’s keyboard safeguards against Trojans and keyloggers.

The availability of a hardware-based encryption device such as the DCM200 is timely for the market as recent research has revealed fundamental weaknesses in software-based disk encryption solutions, one known as the ‘cold-boot’ attack. By spraying DRAM chips with inverted cans of compressed air or liquid nitrogen, the attack allows a knowledgeable hacker to access encryption keys. The DCM200, is immune to such attacks.

Today’s enterprise is powered by advanced technologies. Highly sensitive information is constantly being accessed and processed by multiple users and the possibility of data loss is a reality as recent events have shown. Sensitive records containing name lists with personal information have been lost by government agencies, putting millions of individuals at risk of privacy infringement and financial fraud.

Government agencies also face the added risk of losing public confidence when incidents of data loss occur through theft or computer intrusion.

According to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on information security dated 7 June 2007, “the wide range of incidents involving data loss or theft, computer intrusions and privacy breaches underscores the need for improved security practices,” which includes, among others, “applying encryption to protect sensitive data on networks and portable devices”. Without proper controls, information and information systems are ”vulnerable to disruption, attack, or compromise”.

Private enterprises are no less at risk. Companies’ proprietary information, IP or even customer records are also vulnerable to being lost or stolen. Any loss event not only undermines the competitive edge of an enterprise, but also erodes the enterprise’s reputation.

The DCM200 is designed to meet today’s information security requirements. This AES-encrypted device has been designed to meet stringent international regulations including the GLB Act and the HIPAA. With its comprehensive security features and ease of use, this compact device protects without adding undue impediment to information processing.

The DCM200 is the simple, yet a comprehensive solution for today’s information security needs.

Visit ST Electronics (Info-Security)’s stand at RSA Conference 2008 (April 7 – 11), Stand No.1750 for a demonstration of the DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile DCM200.