Singapore, 18 October 2004 – Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) has offered its patented digital watermarking solution, StegMarkTM ImageLITE for use with the world’s leading scanner manufacturer, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (HP). With this bundled solution, ST Electronics and HP provide first of its kind, scanner solution that offers protection to your digital content. This partnership is carried out through ST Electronics’ subsidiary DataMark Technologies Pte Ltd (DataMark).

The digital watermarking software is ready for shipment with selected HP scanner models for the Asia Pacific region from October 2004. Both HP and DataMark hope to rollout the software worldwide by early 2005. The solution is targeted at the small medium business (SMB) market that may not find high-end digital document archival systems suited to their needs. StegMark ImageLITE provides a cost effective and out-of-the-box solution that allows users to embed a unique invisible ID into scanned documents for copyrights protection and authenticity verification. This is possible with StegMark ImageLITE, as the documents are scanned, watermarked, archived or distributed electronically. Users need not fear using forged or tampered digital contents unwittingly as they can verify the authenticity of documents prior to any future usage, and they can prove the documents’ authenticity through the electronically embedded unique ID.

In addition to the bundled software, HP will provide an online verification portal for users to verify watermarked images created by this software. This convenient service will be available on HP’s website enabling digital contents such as electronic documents, photographs, etc to be verified online.

“It is a strong endorsement on DataMark’s technologies to have HP Asia Pacific choose StegMark as a solution to promote the fight against piracy. Digital watermarking can play a key role in ensuring the authenticity of images and documents and help prevent copyright infringements as well as protect intellectual properties by controlling the potential loss of revenues for their owners.”

Mr Seah Moon Ming,
President, ST Electronics & Chairman, DataMark Technologies


“We believe that StegMark solution will be extremely beneficial to our customers as it allows them greater control over their scanned images and documents. It is easy to use, just by a few clicks with the mouse. In addition, StegMark supports a wide range of image formats and it will not degrade the quality of the scanned images so it is seen as the ideal watermarking solution for our scanners giving us a better edge over the competition.”

Leong Han Kong
Vice President Group Marketing,
Imaging and Printing Group.
HP Asia Pacific and Japan

Formats supported for digital watermarking of digital contents includes Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF and Acrobat Image file.

StegMark ImageLITE is an easy-to-use and state-of-the-art image digital watermarking software solution that aims to address the authenticity issues associated with digital images or photographs. DataMark offers the latest patented digital watermarking algorithms in StegMark ImageLITE by utilising an advanced combination of covert security features of robust and fragile watermarks that can be incorporated imperceptibly into digital images or photographs to ensure their image authenticity and ownership.

StegMark ImageLITE digital watermarking solutions are currently being used as part of the Electronic Documentation Management Solution for paperless office and for law enforcement purposes to support digital evidence.