ST Electronics showcases high-assurance info-security products and solutions @ Governmentware 2010 27 September 2010

Singapore, 27 September 2010 – ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of ST Electronics, will be showcasing its DigiSAFE range of products and solutions including the 1Gbps Ethernet Encryptor incorporating a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified (#1304) cryptographic module during *GovernmentWare 2010 (GovWare 2010). Also on display will be the new MobileCrypt micro SD card which will provide secured communications for smartphones.

Together with its partners, ST Electronics will also feature the FireEye’s malware protection systems, Palo Alto next generation firewalls as well as a secure web gateway solutions from Blue Coat.

DigiSAFE TrustCrypt
DigiSAFE TrustCrypt cryptographic module, has received FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification (#1304) by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST). It is a programmable module built upon a secure physical enclosure with a secure bootstrap that authenticates application loading. The DigiSAFE TrustCrypt supports high assurance applications and provides secure cryptographic resources, including secure key generation and storage. DigiSAFE TrustCrypt can be deployed as cryptographic co-processor module for Host Security Module (HSM), Secure Payment System and SCADA Control System. DigiSAFE TrustCrypt is shipped with the next generation DigiSAFE encryption products for secure communications such as DigiSAFE EtherCrypt. (See the separate press release on the DigiSAFE TrustCrypt}

DigiSAFE EtherCrypt 1G for Next Generation Broadband Network
DigiSAFE EtherCrypt 1G gigabit Ethernet encryptor operates as a layer-2 device to protect sensitive data transmission over Ethernet and Metro-Ethernet networks to meet the stringent requirements of government entities and commercial enterprises in securing their broadband WAN infrastructure. It provides flexibility of multi-point encryption with minimal encryption overheads. Unlike traditional link encryption devices, EtherCrypt 1G has the capability to support multipoint network topology by transmitting encrypted information simultaneously to multiple EtherCrypt 1G units in a fully meshed cloud infrastructure. This allows organisations to protect their Ethernet/Metro-E network more cost effectively with fewer units of encryptors.

DigiSAFE MobileCrypt
DigiSAFE MobileCrypt is a powerful micro-SD card that protects your mobile and messaging communications. It encrypts mobile phone calls on-the-fly, text messaging and chat functions over 3G mobile networks thus offering business executives, government officials and law enforcement agencies with the ability to talk via a secure connection while on-the-move. DigiSAFE MobileCrypt is smartphone independent as all encryption and decryption are performed in the card itself. The card is a Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified security chip which can function as a normal SD card. No hardware configuration and software installation are required for your day-to-day communications.

StegMark Video
StegMark video is an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art digital video watermarking solution that utilises advanced combinations of covertsecurity features incorporated imperceptibly into the digital assets to ensure the copyright, authenticity and ownership of the footages taken. This solution embeds unique watermark information into the video content which can then be detected and extracted to prove its ownership and authenticity. StegMark Video has the ability to trace the distribution with the user’s information added as part of the digital fingerprinting technologies.