ST Electronics Presents New Integrated Solution for Cyber Security @ CommunicAsia 2016 20 May 2016


Singapore, 30 May 2016 – Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) will
be exhibiting an innovative showcase of smart solutions centred on improving ubiquitous
connectivity, information availability, enhanced security and experiential service delivery to
the people at CommunicAsia2016. A key highlight is ST Electronics’ new Cyber Security
showcase which features four unique solutions to address the diverse challenges and needs
in the cyber realm today.

“In our interconnected world, cyber defence is critical to protect both cyber and physical
assets. As a pioneering cyber security provider, ST Electronics has a comprehensive suite
of indigenous, trusted and robust cyber security products and services, which are constantly
evolving. By staying invested in R&D, we continually innovate to defend against cyber
threats and to address the ever-increasing cyber challenges faced today as well as
tomorrow. Cyber security is an important business opportunity for ST Electronics and we are
poised to grow exponentially with the market,” said Mr Lee Fook Sun, Deputy CEO &
President, Defence Business of ST Engineering and President of ST Electronics.

ST Electronics’ added advantage in cyber defence is our deep domain knowledge in building
critical information infrastructures. Our innovative system solutions, ranging from broadband
radio frequency and satellite communications, rail and traffic management, modelling and
simulation, and intelligent building management, have been employed by government,
commercial, defence and industrial clients in Singapore and more than 100 other countries.

We also use our deep domain knowledge of advanced electronics and communications
systems with comprehensive cyber security solutions to adept and incorporate cyber
defence as fundamental features of our latest four enhanced Cyber Security solutions for
communications and industrial systems which include:

SERIS – Smart Analytics (CyberPrism): CyberPrism enables organisations to collect,
analyse, identify, monitor and respond to security threats. For instance, in a Cyber Security
Operations Centre, cyber security defenders can use data analytics to plan, prevent and
respond to threats and incidents effectively. Forward looking, the solution also helps provide
connected organisations to gain actionable insights into cyber threats on the horizon for
greater business resiliency and agility.

Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems: This solution helps to protect industrial
control systems which include critical infrastructures such as utilities network, road and
railway transportation and systems that are increasingly subjected to more sophisticated
cyber attacks. The solution collects data in a trusted manner, using big-data security
analytics to detect cyber attacks, user behaviour data analytics to detect malicious insider
attacks, authenticated and encrypted secured communication, as well as an intrusion
detection system to detect direct attacks at field control devices.

DigiSAFE Data Diode: This solution addresses the cyber risk of data loss due to leaks. A
first made-in-Singapore data diode that will be certified under the National IT Evaluation
Scheme (NITES), it offers a simplified way of protecting sensitive and critical business
information, allowing fast and secure one-way data transfers from external networks into
enterprises. This device complies with government and financial bodies’ stringent security

DigiSAFE Secure Communications: A trusted internal communication solution for
enterprises where users can communicate and connect securely while on-the-go, anytime
and anywhere with instant messaging, multimedia and voice features.
Our team of experienced in-house experts incorporates cyber security protection in the
solutions we provide, customising them and ensuring they are simple to manage and
synergistic to meet cyber security challenges.
More detailed information on the above Cyber Security Solutions can be found in the


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