ST Electronics (Info-Security) named CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree 08 January 2012

Las Vegas, USA, 8 January, 2012 – ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of ST Electronics, has been named an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its DigiSAFE DiskCryptproduct. ST Electronics’ DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile was also awarded this honour in 2010. Products submitted for consideration in this prestigious honour are judged by a distinguished panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media.  The award serves to recognise outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 32 product categories.

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The DigiSAFE DiskCrypt is a storage encryption device in 2.5inch hard disk form-factor designed to replace original drives in notebooks.  It houses a removable 1.8inch internal micro-SATA hard disk as well as a hardware based cryptographic module that encrypts all data written into the disk to provide Full Disk Encryption (FDE).
press_8Jan2012_clip_image006DigiSAFE DiskCrypt (with 1.8” HDD)

The prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the producer of International CES.  It is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow that has recognised achievements in product design and engineering since 1976. The Best of Innovations Honor is awarded to winning products which will be featured in the Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase at the 2012 International CES.

The DigiSAFE DiskCrypt will be showcased at the 2012 International CES (10 – 13 January, 2012) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Honourees’ products will also be displayed at the CES Unveiled on Sunday, 8 January at the Venetian Ballroom of The Venetian, Las Vegas.

Innovations entries are judged on the following criteria:

- Engineering qualities, based on technical specifications and materials used;
- Aesthetic and design qualities;
- The product’s intended use/function and user value;
- Unique/novel features that consumers would find attractive; and
- How the design and innovation of the product compares to other products in the marketplace.

Products chosen as Innovations Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering and may include how various technologies are combined for the first time in a single product, or the dramatic enhancements adopted in previous product designs.
Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering honoree products are featured on

ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd is a leading info-security company offering both hardware and software-based solutions to the government and commercial enterprises in the Asia Pacific region.  It offers digital watermarking solutions, hardware-based hard disk encryption solutions, USB authentication tokens for access control, and hardware encryption devices for securing phone, fax and IP networks, as well as a host of other solutions serving areas of communication, end-point and content security. Complementing these product development capabilities, the company also provides security solution integration services for the deployment of enterprise info-security infrastructure.  ST Electronics (Info-Security) is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics).

“Data security is becoming a growing and important consideration for many organisations and end users today.  The increase in data loss through theft and hacking has made companies and individuals realise that their data needs to be protected.  Data encryption is an additional method of achieving this.  With data encryption, even should data devices fall into the wrong hands, the information is still safe and protected.  The Consumer Electronics Association award recognises the DigiSAFE DiskCrypt capabilities and underscores ST Electronics’ commitment to quality product design as we strive to meet the stringent security requirements of government and enterprises systems.”
~Mr GOH Eng Choon, 
General Manager, ST Electronics (Info-Security)