ST Electronics (Info-Security) launches DiskCrypt Mobile – World’s first encrypting hard drive enclosure with smartcard protection @ CeBIT Hannover 2007 15 March 2007

Singapore , 15 March 2007 – ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd (STEE-InfoSec) today announced the launch of DiskCrypt Mobile, under the DigiSAFE brand. DiskCrypt Mobile is a secure USB hard drive enclosure with built-in real-time hardware encryption and strong smartcard-based authentication features. By using a two-factor authentication mechanism together with a strong encryption algorithm, DiskCrypt Mobile offers a unique portable data storage solution with high level of security. STEE-InfoSec is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited.

USB-attached storage devices are commonly in use today for portability and convenience. However, when a user loses this device, his data would be compromised if the information is not protected. DigiSAFE DiskCrypt Mobile consists of a hardware-based encryption module that performs full disk encryption, by encrypting every byte and every sector of data that is written into the hard drive with no loss in disk performance. It acts as an encryption device between the USB port and the attached storage device.

DiskCrypt Mobile authenticates the user every time it is plugged into the USB port of a host PC. The user is required to insert a smartcard and key in a PIN on the keypad before the hard drive becomes accessible. This two factor authentication offers users the highest level of security in data protection. DiskCrypt Mobile uses strong industry-standard cryptographic algorithm. Simply put, this means that users can be assured that their data is fully protected even if the DiskCrypt Mobile is stolen or lost.

DiskCrypt Mobile will begin shipping from May 2007. The full range of DigiSAFE secure storage solution including DiskCrypt Mobile, DeskCrypt (HDD encryptor for Desktop users) and DiskCrypt (encrypted HDD for notebook users), together with KeyCrypt and other high assurance security products will be showcased at the CeBIT Hannover 2007, Hall 2, Singapore Pavilion Booth C08-13 from 15 to 21 March 2007.


ST Electronics (Info-Security) , formerly known as DigiSAFE Pte Ltd is the leading infosecurity company offering both hardware and software-based solutions to the government and commercial enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. We offer digital watermarking solutions, hardware-based hard disk encryption solutions, USB authentication tokens for access control, and hardware encryption devices for securing phone, fax and IP networks – as well as a host of other solutions serving areas of communication, end-point and content security. ST Electronics (Info-Security) is a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics).

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