Trusted Enterprise Solutions

Secure critical information in a trusted environment

Trusted Enterprise Solution provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that are designed to fit seamlessly into any enterprise security architecture. Our products allow customers to secure and access sensitive information on the go, anytime and anywhere in a trusted workforce.

The Trusted Enterprise Solution comprises three segments:

  • • Trusted Network
    Consists of layer link and IP encryption products. It enables users to leverage public Ethernet/IP infrastructure for connection to multiple sites. This customised encryption is ideal for different applications to meet various security requirements.

  • • Trusted Communications
    Provides end-to-end secure voice between clients through a backend VoIP system that is supported by our Trusted Network. It is also integrated to a mobile platform to enhance enterprise mobility.

  • • Trusted Mobility
    Provides secure access to corporate resources from mobile devices through public WiFi and network that requires public registrations.