Trusted Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise communication security solutions comprise of four segments: Trusted Network, Communications, Storage and Workspace integrated solutions:

 Trusted Workspace

Unique computer designed to provide security at your convenience; it has two securely segregated workspaces, allowing users to work in both trusted (intranet) and untrusted (internet) environments. The segregation is hardware-defined, which enforces isolation to guard against any cyber exploitations.

 Trusted Communications 

Dedicated secure VoIP system with end-to-end encryption and features to ensure complete privacy for voice communication. Supports both land based and android mobile phone users to enable connection to the backend secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) System.


Trusted Network

Series of Internet protocol offers versatility and flexibility for users to leverage the public Ethernet/Internet protocol (IP) infrastructure and connect to multiple sites in a secure manner.

High performance encryptors that protect the transmission of sensitive data over Ethernet and Metro-Ethernet networks.

Secures data and communication to enhance remote and inter-office connectivity (supports ST Electronics’ NetCrypt IP encryptor users).


Trusted Storage

DiskCrypt Mobile
External hard drive with full disk encryption and smart card-based authentication to protect user’ data.