Cyber Security Solutions

Authentication and Digital Identity Management Solutions

Digital Identity Management

Provides a common and secure platform for users to access and perform multiple personal transactions. Key features are:

-          A convenient and user-friendly interface, it enables the user to do a single-sign-on to access multiple digital platforms

-          Integrates with an array of hardware/software tokens, one-time password via SMS or instant messaging and social media ID

Authentication server

Designed to meet stringent security and high availability specifications of government and financial institutions, the authentication server has been deployed to provide 1-factor authentication (FA) and 2(FA) for various portals, Virtual Private Networks, Operating Systems, Intranet logins, network devices and email systems.

Cyber Data-control Solutions

Industrial control Systems (ICS) Security

As operational systems become more interconnected, the exposure to targeted cyber-attacks also increases. We provide the various structures for security, to protect organisations’ industrial controls and critical infrastructure networks, improve safety, optimise production and maintain availability across ICS environment.

ST Electronics Data Diode

Enables organisations to transfer data from one domain to another via a secure one-way data transfer throughout. Designed with high level assurance features to strengthen the security resilience of Information Technology and Industrial Control Systems against targeted cyber-attacks.