Cyber Resilient Solutions

securityEnforce data control – Dynamic defence against growing threat
DigiSAFE Data Diode and Authentication Systems further enhances the protection at the encryption layer. Rules, policies and concept of two factor authentication are implemented to ensure the proper handling of critical data when transmitting. This solution comprises of the two products as below:

DigiSAFE Data Diode is a made-in-Singapore data diode certified under the National IT Evaluation Scheme (NITES). It has been designed and developed to meet the stringent security standards of governments and financial institutions. The NITES security evaluation ensures products and protection profiles are evaluated to achieve high and consistent security standards. The DigiSAFE Data Diode ensures data sharing and information exchange is conducted in a leakage-free network environment with unidirectional data flow. Designed for reliability and efficiency, the DigiSAFE Data Diode eliminates expensive data security verification process and provides an inherent hardware feature that guards the network from data leakage. With its real-time transfer and capacity, it allows businesses to be more responsive in sharing critical information securely.

DigiSAFE Authentication Server is designed to achieve high maintainability and high availability. It supports Radius and LDAP authentication standards. In addition, API is provided for easy integration with existing application. It meets the government and financial institutes’ stringent security and availability specifications. It has been deployed and is currently providing 2FA for various web portals, VPNs, operation system, logins, network devices and emails in government, financial institutes and online healthcare services.

Neutralise Insider Threats DigiSAFE Black Computer DN900 is an endpoint security solution designed to help enterprises separate their trusted infrastructure from cyber threats on the Internet. It eliminates the need to have additional computer to concurrently access two separate networks.

Dual Operating System (OS)

  • • Enable two isolated operating systems to co-exist in a single hardware

  • Dual Network Architecture

  • • Enable two isolated operating systems to run on separate and independent networks

  • Remote Management System

  • • Provides central management, monitoring, analytics and reporting of security incidents.
  • • Policy-based security configurations and rules such as whitelisting of USB, network address etc., can be remotely pushed to the system.

  • Remote Forensic Inspection

  • • Allows remote forensic activities to be carried out on endpoint computers, thus reducing time taken for risk mitigation. Keystrokes, mouse clicks and desktop images can be captured and stored to allow deeper analysis, security audit and forensic investigation

Cyber Analytics

This solution translates typical SIEM logs and incidents from traditional displays into cognitive visualization to allow the analysts to better visualize the intensity and relationship of the threats in order to build the threat situation timely and effectively. It enhance features such as commonalities and anomalies viewed from the perspective of time dimension and proximity within the network. It conceptualise network activities into clear focus to detect and stop threats within a shorten time to remediation during cyber-attacks. It makes it easier for analyst to perceive certain aspects of the data efficiently.