VPNCrypt A10

ST Electronics (Info-Security) Pte Ltd.


Access Your Corporate Resources Securely

VPNCrypt A10 provides secure access to corporate resources from Android mobile devices through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel.

Supports option for Group Transport Protection to protect the initial unauthenticated payloads for IKEv2 protocol and guard against future protocol vulnerability by keeping communication channel within a close deployed group.

It employs cryptographic microSD token to provide 2 factor authentication (2FA).

Key Features

Key Features

  • • Secure connection to corporate resources with Layer-3 VPN tunnel.
  • • Established secure connection while on the move through its roaming capability.
  • • Options for automatic tunnel setup to associated peer before current tunnel expires.
  • • Provides cryptographic microSD token for strong 2FA (PKCS11 enabled)
  • • Supports Android 7.0 mobile devices and above.



Symmetric encryption algorithms AES-CBC 256 bit
Authentication RSA Public Key Signature (up to 2048 bit)
Supports Cryptographic microSD token for 2FA
Hash algorithm HMAC-SHA1
HMAC-SHA2 (256/384/512 bit)
Key management Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2)
Diffie-Hellman (up to 8192 bit)
ECDH (up to P-521bit)
Group Transport Protection
Security protocols IPSec
Supported platform Android 7.0 and above
Wireless technologies 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi

Use Cases

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