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DigiSAFE DeskCrypt – Your Data Stays Yours

DigiSAFE DeskCrypt is hardware-based encryption device that secures data in a SATA hard disk drive against hackers and information thieves. Uniquely designed as a bump-in-the-wire device used in desktops, DeskCrypt requires no mounting and simply plugs in between the SATA connector on the motherboard and the hard disk drive. It operates transparently and encrypts all data written onto the hard disk without any loss in disk performance.

DeskCrypt does not require any additional software drivers or applications to be installed and is operating
system independent. Once deployed, users would be assured that all the data on their hard disks is fully protected from unauthorized access in the event that the hard disk is lost or stolen.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • • Real-time hardware-based AES encryption and decryption that transparently encrypts every single hard disk data sector for complete data protection.
  • • No need for software installation, upgrades, or patches – ease of installation and maintenance Pre-boot authentication for strong hard disk access control.
  • • Supports authentication using USB cryptographic token for rigorous two-factor authentication

Real-time Hardware Encryption

DigiSAFE DeskCrypt contains a hardware-based cryptographic module that encrypts every single byte of data that is written into the hard disk in real-time without any loss in disk performance.

Regulatory Compliance

DigiSAFE DeskCrypt employs data encryption and pre-boot authentication to allow organizations to better protect and control access to their corporate and customer data, thus aiding compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GLB Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, EU Data Protection Directive, FISMA and Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act.



Data Transfer Rate Up to 150MB/s
Interface Serial ATA (SATA) I/II
Power 5V, 400mA (excluding hard disk)
Physical Dimensions: 82 mm (L) x 69 mm (W) x 12 mm (H)
Encryption AES hardware cipher engine
Supported key strengths:


Pre-boot Authentication Password
Supports two-factor authentication with DigiSAFE KeyCrypt
Key Management User configurable encryption key
Internal Hard Disk Supports SATA I/II compliant hard disk drive
Certifications/Standards Contains FIPS 140-2 level 1 (physical security – level 3) cryptographic module
Operating System Tested with Windows XP, Windows 7,, Windows 8 and Linux
Optional USB Cryptographic Token for two-factor authentication

Use Case

Pre-boot Authentication

DigiSAFE DeskCrypt authenticates the user every time the PC powers on or resumes from hibernation. The PC will only
boot into the Operating System on the attached hard disk drive upon successful user authentication. DeskCrypt offers two authentication modes:

1. Single-Factor authentication:

In this mode of authentication, the user is prompted for a Password at the pre-boot stage after power-on. DeskCrypt grants access to the user if the correct password is presented.

2. Two-Factor authentication:

In this mode, the user is prompted for DigiSAFE KeyCrypt® USB cryptographic token (something you have), as well as the password associated with the token (something you know). DeskCrypt grants access only if the correct token and password is presented.