PhoneCrypt M100

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Secure Communication

PhoneCrypt solution suite is a dedicated Secure Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM) solution to ensure complete privacy for voice and IM communication for enterprise professional and organization. It comprises of front-end client solution and backend VoIP/IM system to provide a complete secure communication over IP network. It is designed with the true end-to-end encryption and rich features for secure voice call and instant messaging.

PhoneCrypt M100: a Secure VoIP/IM Android application with secret credentials store in a cryptographic MicroSD card. It is designed for mobile user with Android smartphone and it connects to backend secure VoIP/IM system through 3G/4G/ Wifi connection.

Both the Phonecrypt D100 and M100 will be connected to the secure backend VoIP/IM system which comprises of NetCrypt U1000 IP encryptor and PhoneCrypt server.

Key Features

Key Features

  • • End to end secure voice conversation and instant messaging between the clients through the backend PhoneCrypt system.
  • • Layer 3 IPSec security providing maximum security
  • • AES algorithm for data confidentiality, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) as well as Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocols for integrity protection and user authentication.
  • • Excellent voice quality
  • • Easy installation supporting dynamic IP addressing.
  • • Plug-and-play unit provides greater convenience for travelers.
  • • Back-end system also comprised of encrypted storage system for contacts. It protects confidential data against unauthorized access


PhoneCrypt M100

Supported Platform Android 5.0 and above with internal microSD slot
Networking Features & Protocols
  • • IP Security/Encapsulating Security Protocol
  • • Supports Layer 3 encryption capability
  • • IP Compression
  • • QoS support
  • • Traffic flow confidentiality
Authentication RSA Public Key Signature (up to 4096 bit)
Key Management
  • • Support Internet Key exchange (IKE v2)
  • • DH supports up to 8192 bit
  • • Supports ECDH (up to P-521 bit)
Encryption Algorithm/ Modes AES-CBC (256 bit)
Hash Algorithms
  • • HMAC-SHA1
  • • HMAC-SHA2 (256, 384, 512 bit)
Security Features FIPS 140-2 certified secure MicroSD card for key storage

Use Cases

PhoneCrypt M100 - Use Cases