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DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign Platform (Service Model)

As cyber threats grow exponentially, cyber security is of utmost importance to all businesses and organisations.

Over the years, cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, with the ability to hide their tracks and to subvert from anti-virus software. Despite efforts to strengthen security measures and to harden IT infrastructure, businesses and organisations suffer from attacks from malware such as Trojan Horses, and Key Loggers.

Many of these malicious payloads are a form of a phishing e-mail and social engineering. Having a well-crafted phishing e-mail, coming from a seemingly legitimate sender, and a hyperlink that redirects to a malicious webpage, these cyber criminals can release malicious payloads causing information loss and opening vulnerabilities in the secured IT infrastructure.

DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign is a service provided to businesses and organisations to increase the awareness of their employees to e-mail phishing threats.

With the DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign Platform, our Phishing Campaign Consultant will customise phishing e-mail exercises in accordance to the requirements and purpose gathered from the subscribing business or organisation. An educational phishing web page will also be specifically designed to teach phished users the danger of phishing e-mails, and how to identify these malicious e-mails.

At the end of each campaign, the Phishing Campaign Consultant will generate meaningful reports and statistics, to the subscribing business organisation.




Key Features

Service Offering

DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign is provided as a Service Model to subscribing businesses and organisations, where the subscribers do not need technical knowhow in using the system.

Space Friendly

As DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign is based on a service model, there is no requirement for subscribers to allocate space in their premises for placement of any hardware

Meaningful Campaigns

Each campaign provided by our Phishing Campaign Consultant will be relevant to the aim of the subscriber, by customising the phishing e-mail template, spoof sender and educational web page

Throughput Control

To enhance the realism of each campaign, DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign Platform has the ability to adjust the e-mail throughput per unit of time, if required

Real-Time Phishing

DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign Platform will capture the phishing count in real-time, providing most up-to-date information

Reporting and Statistics

DigiSAFE Phishing Campaign Platform will generate thorough and meaningful reporting at the end of each campaign. These reports will be provided to the subscriber by our Consultant


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