Data Diode

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DigiSAFE Data Diode

DigiSAFE Data Diode is a made-in-Singapore data diode certified under the National IT Evaluation Scheme (NITES). It has been designed and developed to meet the stringent security standards of governments and financial institutions. The NITES security evaluation ensures products and protection profiles are evaluated to achieve high and consistent security standards.

The DigiSAFE Data Diode ensures data sharing and information exchange is conducted in a leakage-free network environment with unidirectional data flow. Designed for reliability and efficiency, the DigiSAFE Data Diode eliminates expensive data security verification process and provides an inherent hardware feature that guards the network from data leakage. With its real-time transfer and capacity, it allows businesses to be more responsive in sharing critical information securely.

Key Features

Enhance Network Security

by isolating critical business data in a unidirectional transfer to eliminate data leakage

Support Multiple Networking Protocols

by having an in-house development team that customises protocols to a unique operating environment

Enable Ease of Operations

by using a self-automated system that operates disaster recovery configuration. The system is supported by a user-friendly management portal.



Support for variety of network protocols: • SYSLOG
• FTP / FTP on SSL
Protocol Application
Interfaces (PAI):
• Interfaces with network nodes
• Processes and transmit/receive data through Data Diode
• Multiple PAI is supported on each data diode servers
SSL Support: 2-way mutual SSL is supported to meet security requirements
Monitoring software: • Optional software for health monitoring of Data Diode 
• Standalone software that can run off network nodes
Configuration Portal: • Self-service configuration portal
• User management and devices provision
High Availability:/ • 2 sets of DigiSAFE Data Diode can be configured to operate in High Availability mode
• Transparent even in HA setup to user’s network
Physical Characteristics: • Height: 1 U
• Redundant 460W / 750W hot-swappable Power Supply
Network Interface: • One Gigabit-Ethernet port standard for configuration
• One Gigabit-Ethernet port standard for PAI
• Certified under the National IT Evaluation Scheme (NITES).

Use Cases

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