DiskCrypt – A Hardware-based Encryption Device, High Security Drop-in Replacement for Notebook Hard Disks @ CommunicAsia 2004 (15 to 18 June 2004) 21 May 2004

Singapore, 21 May 2004 - DigiSAFE Pte Ltd (DigiSAFE) announces the launch of DiskCrypt, a high-security drop-in replacement for notebook hard disks that promises to give travelling executives peace of mind when carrying sensitive corporate or client information in their notebooks.

Integrated with DigiSAFE’s KeyCrypt, the world’s first USB security token that combines both logical and physical access, DiskCrypt is a hardware-based encryption device that consists of a hard disk and an encryption module that encrypts every byte and every sector of data that is written into the hard disk. The entire DiskCrypt is designed to be mounted within notebook computers like any ordinary 2.5″ hard disk for notebooks.

“I have been looking for a product like DiskCrypt for all my management and executives because they travel with sensitive information in their notebooks. As an encryption solution, I anticipate DiskCrypt will be better received by users as compared to other software products because there is no additional installation required or patches to be religiously updated.”

- Mr. Seah Moon Ming,
President of Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd.

A typical medium-sized company loses about 11 notebooks annually, with an average financial loss of US$64,000 per notebook (According to Kensington Technology Group Notebook Security Survey 2001 and 2003 CSI/FBI Computer Crime & Security Survey).

By encrypting every byte and sector, DiskCrypt is operating system independent, it does not require any software drivers and thus users will not experience problems associated with software incompatibilities and patches. It encrypts all temporary files and areas that would normally be left vulnerable or “clear” by software file encryption products. Once a user is authenticated upon powering-on, encryption and decryption occurs transparently on-the-fly in the hardware without any degradation in notebook or disk performance. Users simply use their notebooks normally, with the assurance that their data is fully protected should their notebooks be stolen or lost.

Two authentication schemes are available: using a password or using a two-factor authentication with KeyCrypt, DigiSAFE’s USB security token. Users can also configure their DiskCrypts with a “recovery password” which allows them to use the computer in the event that they forget their password or lose their KeyCrypt. DiskCrypt uses strong industry-standard 3DES encryption algorithm, supporting key lengths ranging from 40 bits to 192 bits.

DigiSAFE’s DiskCrypt, KeyCrypt and other high assurance security products for the enterprise and corporate users will be showcased at the CommunicAsia 2004, Hall 6, SMa Pavilion, Stand No. 6F2-11 from 15 to 18 May 2004.