DigiSAFE launches DeskCrypt – A hardware-based encryption gadget for Desktop PC HDD data protection @ CeBIT Hannover 2006 07 March 2006

Singapore , 07 March 2006 – DigiSAFE Pte Ltd (DigiSAFE) announces the launch of DeskCrypt, a hardware-based encryption gadget for 3.5” hard disk drives. With DeskCrypt, users can implement strong user authentication for desktop PCs, ensuring that all the data on their hard disks are fully protected from unauthorized access even if the hard disks are removed or stolen.

DeskCrypt is the latest product in DigiSAFE’s range of data-at-rest security solutions. It is uniquely designed as a bump-in-the-wire device on the IDE cable that sits in-between the motherboard’s IDE connector and the disk drive. Upon booting up the PC with DeskCrypt in place, the user is prompted for a password. DeskCrypt transparently encrypts every byte and sector that is written to the hard disk drive. This differentiates DeskCrypt from other software encryption solutions that often leave temporary files and the boot sector unencrypted. Encryption is done on the fly without any degradation in disk performance. A truly hardware-based solution, DeskCrypt requires no installation of software drivers and thus, elimates incompatibility problems associated with software applications and patches. It is completely OS independent and no maintenance is needed once deployed.  

“I t is imperative to employ encryption to protect sensitive data on the hard drives. DeskCrypt addresses this issue in an elegant way offering high-end hardware security. I expect this to put DeskCrypt ahead of other known disk encryption solutions. “

-SEAH Moon Ming,
Chairman, DigiSAFE / President Singapore Technologies Electronics

DeskCrypt supports two authentication schemes: (a) using a password, or (b) KeyCrypt USB token for two-factor authentication. DeskCrypt uses strong industry-standard cryptographic algorithm, supporting key lengths ranging from 64 bits to 192 bits to meet different security requirements.

DigiSAFE’s DeskCrypt, DiskCrypt (encrypted HDD for notebook users), KeyCrypt and other high assurance security products will be showcased at the CeBIT Hannover 2006, Hall 2, Singapore Pavilion Booth C10-21 from 09 to 15 March 2006.


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