Cyber Security Operations Specialist (CSOS)

With the current highly sophisticated level of cyber attacks happening every day, choosing the right technology to safeguard your organisation network is essential. But the human capability is critical.

The operational skillsets of your human capital in detecting genuine cyber threats, respond adequately, and recover appropriately during an incident needs to be in par or even surpass incoming threats.

Cyber Security Operations Specialist (CSOS) accredited by the National InfoComm Competency Framework (NICF) focus its training on building the cognitive and analytical abilities of participants, in addition to knowledge. CSOS’s emphasis is on equipping participants with cyber defence operational skillsets – that will be ingrained in individuals on a day-to-day basis.

Duration of course: 5-Day

Course schedule for Year 2018:

- 8 to 12 January
- 5 to 9 February
- 12 to 16 March
- 9 to 13 April
- 7 to 11 May
- 18 to 22 June
- 9 to 13 July
- 13 to 17 August
- 10 to 14 September
- 8 to 12 October
- 12 to 16 November
- 10 to 14 December

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