Cyber Security Forensics Investigator (CSFI)

Every criminal leaves a trail behind. But not every hacker has a signature digital footprint. In this digitised world, exfiltration of highly classified information can be done from any part of the world. And worst of all, with the current sophisticated techniques used, some cyber-criminal cover their tracks so well that it leaves no trace behind.

Whether you are a cyber-security professional who wish to embark on the cyber forensics path or wish to acquire investigation skillsets, Cyber Security Forensics Investigator (CSFI) centres on providing you operational proficiency forensics investigation training.

Learn to trace attacks to the source of breach, gather evidence and implement preventive measures against future attacks in an emulated real world environment.

Duration of course: 4 Days

Upcoming course schedule for Year 2018:

- 24 to 27 April
- 11 to 14 June
- 16 to 19 October
- 18 to 21 December

For more information, download brochure here.