Cyber Security by Design (CSBD)

In today’s ever-evolving security environment, organisations, enterprises and governmental institutions face new threats and the possibility of cyber-attacks every day. With the increased emphasis of cyber security implementation within enterprise infrastructure, security consideration in systems design should no longer be an afterthought. The best way to ensure a reliable and secured system to address and mitigate potential threats and risks is by building and configuring our systems with security in mind right from the start.

 Training Benefits

  • - Understand the cyber security threat landscape
  • - Illustrate the needs of cyber security architecture
  • - Identify the cyber security goals of a system


Duration of Course: 2-Day

Upcoming Course Schedule for Year 2017:
- 20 to 21 Feb
- 22 to 23 Mar
- 27 to 28 Apr
- 3 to 4 May
- 28 to 29 June
- 26 to 27 Jul
- 23 to 24 August
- 6 to 7 September
- 4 to 5 October

For more information, download brochure here.