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New names and same great products

Dear Value Customers,
Trusted Enterprise Solution has seen progressive growth since its humble beginning in 1999. We attribute our success to you, our customers, who have been supporting us over the decades. It has enabled us to deepen our domain expertise, continue to innovate and develop a suite of technologically advanced hardware-based encryptors.
As part of corporate growth strategy, ST Electronics (Info-Security) is now a business vertical of ST Electronics and is positioned to grow cyber security business locally and internationally while strengthening our core engineering and indigenous capabilities. With the alignment to create a branding at ST Electronics level, we will rebrand all our products from previously DigiSAFE to ST Electronics.
We believed that by marketing our products and services under one strong brand name with an established history of success, we will make greater impact in the international marketplace and become a stronger industry leader. This will enable us to bring more value in our services to all our customers and stakeholders. 
The renaming of product names will help us improve in our product and service offerings as we expand to provide a comprehensive suite of scalable and indigenous cyber security solutions to address the increasing challenging network environment, as well as enable users to connect and communicate securely even while on the go, anytime, anywhere in a trusted working environment.

We have developed four segments for the solution:
  1. Trusted Workspace
Trusted Workspace offers users the ease of security while working on both internet and intranet securely without compromising productivity. It also serve as a sensor to protect organisation against insider threats and remote users as it is able to manage and push down policies from the backend such as dynamic white listing of USBs and perform remote forensic from the command centre immediately upon any detection of threats.
Products: Black Computer L100 (Laptop version) & Black Computer D100 (Desktop version)
  1. Trusted Communication
Offers users the ease and complete privacy for voice and instant messaging communications as they can communicate and connect securely while on-the-go, anytime and anywhere with instant messaging, multimedia, attachment and voice features.
Products: PhoneCrypt D100 (Deskphone version), PhoneCrypt M100 (Mobilephone version)
  1. Trusted Network
Secures and connects organization network to multiple sites on Public Internet / Private Ethernet / Private IP infrastructure. Our customised encryption is ideal for different security requirements and applications. Enhancing security on the move, it also has a portable and compact IP encryptor that enables the user to access to corporate resources securely through public/private WiFi and network securely via public registrations.
Products: NetCrypt S20, NetCrypt R100, NetCrypt U1000, NetCrypt U2000, EtherCrypt U1000, EtherCrypt U2000, VPNCrypt M10, VPNCrypt A10, VPNCrypt G20, VPNCrypt G1000, VPNCrypt G2000
  1. Trusted Storage
It enables users to store their information securely while on the move with its portable USB Encrypting Hard Drive with two factor smartcard technologies for authentication.
Products: DiskCrypt M100
Other security products: KeyCrypt M10 and DigiNoise M10

We appreciate your continued confidence in us and your continued support.

Yours Sincerely,

Ng Koon Yeow
Division Manager
Director Crypto & Service Group
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